BPP delivers training which is thought provoking and challenging for Managers, Team Leaders, Health teams, Community Service workers and Volunteers. Planned in partnership with the sponsoring agency or group and the workshops/training draw on the resources, knowledge and experience of the participants and is facilitated by the Better Practice Project team and associated presenters.

Tailored workshops

Reablement, Recovery and Independence (RRI)
Facilitates learning about reablement concepts such as independence, active ageing and social participation. Promotes a range of approaches to enhance reablement outcomes for older people.

Social Inclusion through valued roles and freely-given relationships (SI)
An introduction to the importance of valued roles and the strategies that promote social inclusion of older people and people with disabilities.

Taste of Resilience (TR)
Explores a range of resilience skills and theories to strengthen learners’ practice to enhance wellbeing, coping strategies and capacity of individuals.

Wellness Practice (WP)
Reflecting on ageing in todays’ society, understanding a range of wellness approaches and their positive impact on older people living well in their homes and communities.

Managing Difficult Conversations (MDC)
Learn strategies to shift difficult conversations to more meaningful communication

Come on a consciousness raising journey to explore the impact of societal attitudes and assumptions for the ageing LGBTIQ community.

Keeping Connected (KC)
This workshop addresses the issues of loneliness, social isolation and developing an enabling approach to connect with vulnerable people. Delivered in partnership with the Collaborative Projects SA and utilises the findings from ‘Alone in a Crowd’ research by South Australian researcher Mandy Stanley.

Because I Can (BIC)
Offers exercises and conversations to shift “I Can’t” thinking toward more confident and positive “I CAN” thinking. This has benefits to the learners and the application of the ideas with older people in going beyond the limitations we set ourselves.

Right Relationships (RR)
Explores the concept of ‘Right Relationship’ by Michael Kendrick, reflects on someone’s home as our workplace and strategies to establish and maintain healthy boundaries as relationships grow and change.

Train the Trainer (TT), faciliated by Sheree Lewis

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Reablement, Recovery and Independence Leadership development initiatives

The Better Practice Project runs a series of Train the Trainer workshops annually aimed at up-skilling leaders to provide on the job training and deliver their own training and information sessions. 

Leading Person Centred Teams (LPCT), faciliated by Sheree Lewis
This workshop will explore the concept of “person-centred” teams; what they are, what they look like and how to create and develop such teams. 

Turning Staff Meetings into Training (TSMT), facilitated by Val Millen 
Offers practical tools and strategies for managers and team leaders to turn staff meetings into training opportunities.  

Working in People’s Homes (WPH), facilitated by Jane Sherwin

Living Well through Valued Roles (LWVR), facilitated by Jane Sherwin
How to refocus on the people we work with and to consider valued roles as a key to new opportunities and fulfilling lives for them.

Bi-cultural Awareness, Safety and Inclusion (BASI), facilitated by Rosemary Wanganeen
This workshop aspires to encourage a service provider to welcome the intellectual information and the emotional experiences to create a safer environment to enable an Aboriginal individual to experience inclusion across mainstream services.

Strengthening Social Connections and Relations for older people and people with disabilities – an enabling approach (SSC): Our Action Learning Project now in its 4th year! Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization.   Facilitated by Jane Sherwin and held over six months, this 7-day course enables those who work in social support programs to foster better social and community lives with older people and people with disabilities.

Mentoring (M)
The Better Practice Project offers group and individual mentoring sessions for promoting good practice as part of a partnership approach with agencies. Material can be developed in partnership based on individual need.

Support for champions
Work with champions or leadership groups in individual agencies to assist in reviewing and fostering better practice or implementing change management initiatives.

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