Aged Care Emergency Planning

Welcome to the Aged Care Emergency Planning website

This website has been designed to assist aged care facilities’ providers and country hospitals in planning, preparing for and responding to emergency events. The information contained in the website is not intended to be prescriptive or regulatory, rather it is intended as a central repository of resources to assist you in the development of your own local tools and processes.

Residential aged care providers and country hospital administrators need to consider the risks posed by our climate and natural environment and plan to minimise the impact of these on their services and residents.

The number and intensity of natural disasters that have recently occurred in Australia has highlighted the potentially devastating impact on residential aged care facilities (RACFs).  Recent illustrations of this were the Victorian bushfires in 2009 and the floods and cyclones in Queensland in 2011. These events, together with long term knowledge and expertise and the passion of aged care providers, has led to the development of this resource which we are pleased to provide to the aged care sector.

New emergency evacuation resources

Providers are encouraged to read two new emergency evacuation resources for aged care facilities and review their own procedures. These resources should help providers refine their emergency management plans:



This website has been developed by the South Australian Department for Health & Ageing (SA Health), Emergency Management Unit in partnership with the following agencies:

Aged and Community Services Australia  -  Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA)
SA Country Fire Service (CFS)  -  Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)
Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSA)   -  Resthaven Incorporated

The Residential Aged Care & Country Hospital Risk Assessment Review & Planning Activities Project is a collaborative effort with a number of agencies from within the SA Government including SA Country Fire Services, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure, Country Health SA Local Health Network and with the lead role provided by SA Health.  Also included is the Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing.  Non government partners include Aged & Community Services (SA&NT) Inc and Resthaven Inc.

The Project has been made possible by financial assistance provided by a National Partnership Agreement with the Commonwealth and supported by SAFECOM through the Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme.  Financial and in kind contributions have been provided by  Aged & Community Services Australia, Resthaven Inc., Country Fire Service SA, Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing, Country Health SA Local Health Network and Emergency Management Unit, SA Health.