Personalised Services and 'the Customer': Fit or Fiction?

Mile End, SA
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Personalisation: if it’s not the same as 1:1 or 'the person at the centre', then what is it? 

All of us, when we receive a service, hope that it is a personalised service, whether it is a haircut, a tax assessment, or a reno. The workshop looks at what happens in the lives of older people and people with disabilities and helps us imagine optimal ‘person centred’ relationships and arrangements. It will also provide a critique of common understandings and myths about ‘person centred’ like that it is the same as ‘one to one’, ‘the person at the centre’ and ‘customer journeys’. It will give helpful strategies to those who are responsible for service arrangements like Coordinators and who wish to provide more personalised services and leave us with ideas for ‘first steps’. 

Participants will:

-   identify the features of 'personalised service’  

-   explore the strengths/limits of assessments and other ways of ‘knowing’ the person

-   examine the dilemmas in the worker:person relationship

-   confront threats to person centred work

-   explore ways to safeguard a collaborative and person centred culture during times of competition and corporatisation 


  Presenter:  Jane Sherwin

Jane Sherwin is a Queensland based consultant who has been has been involved in the lives of older people and people with disabilities since the late1970s.

Jane works with groups and organisations on matters to do with values based quality, person centred approaches and leadership development.  She is committed to working at a grassroots level towards developing and maintaining supports so vulnerable people experience meaningful lives.

Jane is a Senior Social Role Valorisation Trainer, having been involved in the teaching, learning and application of SRV since the early 1990s.  She enjoys working alongside keen community works in exploring new ways of strengthening the lifestyles of vulnerable people and how services can do better.

Jane draws on her experience in government, academic environments and community services as an occupational therapist, Manager, Lecturer and change agent.  Her consulting work is with groups, organisations and individuals on matters to do with values based quality, the learning and application of social role valorization, person-centred approaches and leadership development. She is well regarded for her teaching and writing.

Some of her own favourite roles include wife, aunt, daughter, friend, nature photographer, crime novel reader, Facebook stalker, teacher, author, mentor, card maker and wine drinker. She is known to do better in some roles than others, and is happy to keep people guessing about which.


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28 Feb 2019, 9:00 AM

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