Helpful Resources

This page includes a summarised repository of all ACSA assets dedicated to the Royal Commission.


ACSA Policy Position Summary 

To assist your organisation in considering its position, ACSA has prepared a Policy Position Summary addressing a range of broader policy issues: click here (updated 18 January 2019). 


ACSA Witness Statements

The witness statement provided by ACSA to the Commission on 7 February 2019 can be viewed here.


ACSA Submissions

Click here to download the Home Care Submission (2 April 2019)

Click here to download the Residential Care Submission (8 May 2019)


Guidance on submitting to the ACRC on workforce matters

Click here to download ACSA's guidance notes to assist members who are considering making submissions to the ACRC on workforce matters (submissions due 6 December 2019).

Click here to view ACSA's Letter to the Royal Commission reviewing the commissioned research report How Australian residential aged care staffing levels compare with international and national benchmarks.


Hearings – ACSA Overview

Click here to view ACSA’s media release about the preliminary hearing (18 January 2019)

Click here to access ACSA's summaries of each of the Aged Care Royal Commission hearings


Other Resources

Australian Aged Care Complaints Commission  - Guide to Managing Difficult Conversations Flipbook

Letter to Aged Care providers - here.  Click here to download a template for preparing your response to the request for information (please note: this is a MS word document).  See here to download the “provider spreadsheet” prepared by the Royal Commission (please note: this is a MS excel document).  The Royal Commission has also compiled a list of related documents: available here.

In order to respond to the broader aged care questions, ACSA has compiled a list of submissions to reviews, inquiries and legislation over the past two years and the responses we have made including policy positions developed in consultation with members for your information: click here

For more detail of the ACSA representations please click here (ACSA Leave Behind)