e-Tools Software

e-Tools Software is a leading provider of robust software solutions for effective compliance management in aged care, community care and NDIS. Established in 2004, our software solutions are developed exclusively for Australian providers by Australian aged care specialists.

To help providers stay on top of their ongoing Department requirements, e-Tools Software’s targeted solutions deliver on:

  • effective compliance management

  • client support

  • improved efficiency

  • financial viability

The National electronic Resident Agreement [NeRA] application, launched in 2006, revolutionised the resident agreement generation process. NeRA is currently still the most widely used resident agreement software nationally.

e-Tools Software currently supports providers in Residential Care and Community Care, including Home Support, Home Care and NDIS. Featuring mobile technology for Community Care providers, e-Tools is constantly developing new solutions and adopting innovative technology to help providers meet their increasing challenges with ease.

e-Tools is moving to cloud technology to continue supporting providers through the next era. This evolution enables us to deliver sophisticated solutions that further improve efficiency and productivity. Providers can access applications and data from anywhere, on multiple devices, which is rapidly becoming essential in the care environment.

A modular ‘one app, one task’ approach allows e-Tools to be nimble and responsive to Government changes, to help providers remain compliant. Added benefits include:

  • Providers can select solutions that fit their needs and budget, without having to install a complex, expensive system.

  • Providers add on modules easily as they grow.

  • Whilst the software modules work independently, they are designed to connect with each other to share data if required, to deliver broader outcomes.

Our start-up and small business tiered pricing structure will ease the pressure in early growth stages as they establish themselves, and help existing providers as they transition into other types of care.

The e-Tools Software range currently includes:

  • National e-Tools Resident Agreement [NeRA]

  • e-Tools Refundable Accommodation Deposit [eRAD]

  • e-Tools Supplier Agreement [eSA]

  • e-Tools Maintenance Register [eMR]

  • e-Tools Staff Records Management [eSRM]

  • e-Tools Visitor Management [eVM]

  • e-Tools Dashboard [eDB]

  • e-Tools Home Support Programme [eHSP]

  • e-Tools Home Care Pacckage [eHCP]

  • e-Tools Reconciliation [eREC]

  • e-Tools National Disability Insurance Scheme [eNDIS]

  • e-Tools Mobile Apps [eWorkforce and eConsumer]

Clients know they can rely on our locally-based support team for assistance and guidance. Led by a knowledgeable, visionary team with management consulting experience spanning over 30 years, clients can reach out for additional consulting advice in the areas of compliance and financial viability.

Providers will realise that when they invest in our software, they gain a valuable industry partner.

To discover solutions that evolve with you, contact the e-Tools Software team on 03 9573-3277 or visit 

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