Coco Healthcare is the manufacturer of Valui incontinence aids, a proud Australian brand. The intention of its founders was to provide Australians and businesses, the aged care sector in particular, incontinence aids that are the most affordable but with the finest quality.

Over a decade, valui has become one of the favourable brands in Australia providing incontinence aids and services to those with unique absorbency needs and sizing. It has the largest absorbency at 4700ml in the market and its sizes start from small to xxlarge. 

Valui has just recently developed new technologies to increase the breathability of its incontinence aids aiming to prevent and reduce skin problems that are commonly associated with damp and warm skin resulting from incontinence. In doing so, valui keeps striving to create the most comfortable product and reliable continence care.

ACSA Members Promotional Offer

Coco Healthcare are offering ACSA members free usage for their facilities. This offer will give your business complimentary four weeks usage of pads for every 12 months, that is, you will be credited back after every 12 months if a 3-year contract is to sign. With this offer other benefits will be included, such as, free face masks, disinfectant wipes, personal wipes, and other free services.
This offer will last till the 30th June 2022.

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