Person Centred Software

Introducing a more efficient way to care. Innovative software solutions that put people first.

Person Centred Software offers an intuitive, complete care management solution that puts care firmly back into carers’ hands. It’s called Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM), and it allows carers and managers to view, evidence and manage care in real time.

Person Centred Software Mobile Care Monitoring includes these components:

Care planning: Allows for you to plan care effectively to meet the needs of the people you support.

Care App: Captures evidence of care, support and well-being on-the-go, to provide real-time information about every resident.

Care monitoring: Enables tracking of important actions, monitors the effectiveness of care, improves the management of care delivery and means you’ll always be up-to-date.

Group reporting: Enables the analysis of trends and measurement of business critical KPIs comparatively across the group.

Activities module: Makes the coordination and evidence recording of group and individual activities easy.

Relatives Gateway: Allows people with loved ones in care to be informed, involved and actively engaged in their care and support.


Person Centred Software enables evidence of care interactions, planning, monitoring and reporting.

•  Evidence recording that adds value to care notes.

•  Access to care plans, personal profiles and critical risk information when you need it.

•  Effective management of care delivery and team work.

•  Handover notes in the palm of your hand.

•  Works both on and offline.


Tammy has over 18 years experience in client engagement and strategic business development in the Health sector. With strong commercial acumen and stakeholder management skills, Tammy has specific expertise in pharmaceutical and medication management services across all modes of Community, retirement village, aged care & home care and has undertaken international research in best practice in this area. With a proven track record of success in building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, Tammy is exceptionally customer focused and skilled in creating strong and lasting business relationships. 

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