Outcomes Plus

Outcomes Plus (O+) is an aged care specific consulting practice which has been operating primarily in the not-for-profit sector since 2002.

During this time we have undertaken a diverse range of assignments that include: -

  • Strategic outcomes

Development and review of strategic plans, implementation strategies, project viability assessments, financial performance and investment frameworks, key performance indicators and due diligence management for mergers and acquisitions.

  • Operational outcomes

Operational reviews, staffing reviews, staff/executive mentoring, industrial relations, compliance assessments. A comprehensive Home Care resource kit including policies and procedures has also been recently developed.

  • Communication outcomes

Development of communication strategies, liaison with Government and agencies, community consultations, facilitation of management and Board workshops.

  • Construction and development outcomes

Development project scoping, financial modelling, master planning, design briefs, tendering, facilitation of focus groups and project control groups

  • Other outcomes

Tender writing and assistance (ACAR, DVA, STRC, CHSP, Approved Provider etc.)

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