MyPass Global

MyPass Global is a digital workforce management system, designed to streamline safety and compliance in highly regulated industries. Founded in Australia in 2015, MyPass addresses a universal problem - workforce compliance tracking - by connecting workers, employers, and training providers in one central, web-based portal.

COVID Self Declaration & Immunisation Record Tracking Solution

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MyPass introduced a Self Declaration & Immunisation Record tracking solution into our existing platform. In collaboration with ACSA, MyPass offered this technology to the Aged Care industry free of charge.  

The solution enables Aged Care providers to track existing influenza or other immunisation records of staff, contractors or visitors who are entering Aged Care facilities. It also allows for digital Self Declaration forms to be completed and stored in your portal if you require people to declare they are COVID-free before arriving on-site.

A Registration Scheme for Care Workers

Aged Care Providers can deploy MyPass to reduce the risk of non-compliance by tracking care worker qualifications and training. This capability aligns with the need for heightened transparency within the Aged Care workforce, highlighted in the recent report by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.
MyPass provides a user-friendly registration system for care workers, who can also benefit from our software by accessing their verified information on the go. Each worker is empowered to own and manage their data, stored in their unique Digital Skills Passport. This proven model is designed to reduce admin burden, support workers to be proactive with their training and skills management, whilst connecting all of industry with a collaborative registration platform.


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