MOA Benchmarking

MOA Benchmarking comprises the largest community of aged care providers networked for quality improvement. Together, we help improve outcomes and experiences for over 100,000 older Australians in care.  

MOA is the only platform of its kind that allows partners to self-assess and benchmark their performance against the Standards and push potential risks and opportunities for improvement into a digital Plan for Continuous Improvement (PCI). MOA works with the Department of Health on automatically linking quality indicator data between their program and the mandatory National Program via the MyAgedCare portal.​  

MOA empowers providers with an online platform that facilitates a data-driven and evidence-based approach to managing their quality and risk programs. The platform is completely customisable and is backed by an expert team that continuously update the suite of quality measurement tools with changing regulations, legislation and accepted better practices. MOA partners with small standalone services to the largest provider organisations in tailoring a program to best improve outcomes for their consumers and fit the informational needs of their management structure. 

MOA partner providers receive instant insights through a powerful reporting module. They can interact with their real-time dashboards and efficiently drill down into risks flagged through our sophisticated statistical processes. Partner providers can compare their performance against their own, and that of the largest database of like peers networked for quality.  

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