Global Centre for Modern Ageing

Led by CEO Ms Julianne Parkinson, the Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) was launched in 2018 to take South Australia to the forefront of modern ageing in Australia and the world. The GCMA Board is currently comprised of Raymond Spencer (Chair), Anne Skipper AM (Deputy Chair), Dr John Beard, Dr Mike Rungie and Professor Goran Roos. The GCMA provides a living laboratory (dubbed LifeLab), paired with research, insights and advisory services to businesses, organisations and government to help bust ageing myths and assist clients to develop better products, services and solutions to meet the needs and wants of those over 60. The LifeLab is a demonstration, user experience and co-design facility that allows businesses, government and researchers to design and validate new and innovative products and services alongside older people to ensure they meet their needs. At the core of GCMA is a recognition that Modern Ageing is filled with opportunity. Instead of working until retirement and then becoming ‘old’, Modern Ageing will see our lives play out in phases, each phase representing a different opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way - through work, learning, enterprise, community contribution, leadership and more. Modern Ageing sparks an inclusive future that engages people throughout the whole of life’s course to participate and belong in the ways they value. For more information on the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, visit

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