Data Drives Insight

Turning your gut hunches into data-driven-insights

We often have a ‘gut’ instinct about what’s going on in our organisation. We think we know what the issues are.

But the truth is, we’re often wrong.

We’re swayed by our own biases, blind spots, and limiting beliefs impacting our view of the current situation.

The only way to bridge the gap between what you think, and what you know, is through data. Empirically, valid and reliable data.

That’s where we come in. We are driven by the mission to use data driven insights to create a world of thriving organisations.

That includes yours.

Our tools turn your guesswork into certainty.

You are equipped with the facts on the gaps, blind spots and opportunities. So that you can move forward with certainty and confidence.

Leverage data in your key workplace decisions to transform your team, leaders and organisation with impressive results.

The Tools Available to You:

  • CILCA 360 – a 360 development tool for growing leaders in the aged care industry
  • CILCA (NDIS) 360 – a 360 development tool for growing leaders in the disabilities sector
  • CISCA – a development tool for developing staff and teams in the care industry


How Our Tools Help You:

  • Reveal key skill gaps, limiting beliefs, blind spots, risks and opportunities in individuals and teams.
  • Enable an independent assessment of your organisation by a third party
  • Allow you to target your development investment where its most needed
  • Demonstrate that you’re meeting the new quality standards around Human Resourcing.
  • Confirm that your investment in development is creating a shift in capability each year.
  • Allow for industry and organisational benchmarking of capabilities.


How we know it works
Many care providers have rolled out CILCA360 with impressive results. We captured one particular organisation’s journey in a case study, which you can check out here.

What to do from here
For a limited time, we are offering complimentary Strategy Calls to discuss the key issues and challenges facing your organisation during this time.

Enquire via the link below to book in your complimentary Strategy Call or to learn more about how our tools work.

Or if you’re more of a phone person, call us on 08 9287 1041 to chat to one of our friendly team members.

Read more about CILCA 360 (Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment).








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