Choice Energy

Australian owned and operated, Choice Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy with more than 4,000 clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 2013, our core goal is to help businesses gain independence by using less power from the grid and paying less for the energy they use.

Solutions include:

  • Energy Procurement (electricity and gas)

  • Commercial Solar

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Metering and Monitoring

  • Network Tariff and Demand Assessment and more.


Reducing energy costs in aged care:  

The Aged Care sector is facing unprecedented financial pressure. Choice Energy helps aged care facilities take control and secure a more predictable energy future by strategising and safeguarding your business.

Our holistic approach to energy management means we can provide a range of complementary solutions to help better manage demand for energy, improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Commercial Solar for Aged Care

Solar generation usually matches the typical aged care load profile and is therefore an ideal solution for facilities to become more energy efficient, rely less on the grid and be protected against rising energy costs.


Energy Management

By gaining an energy partner for life, we can ensure you are on a leading competitive contract, correct tariff, and monitor your energy expenses ongoing to ensure you’re only paying what you use.

Explore how we’ve assisted other aged care providers and businesses reduce their ongoing energy costs here.


Choice Energy recently helped Nagambie Healthcare save $20,000 per year on energy, see what we can save you.


Access your exclusive health check now:

To start saving, access your free and exclusive energy health check now and we’ll identify ways to help you save: Contact David Perry at or on 0416 135 160.

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