Checked In Care

Our award winning care experience app gives you a way to deliver a better customer experience, better employee experience and better care experience. All while helping you streamline your operations so you can do more with less.

With Checked In Care you get a connected digital solution. Work with us as together we create the best care experience for your customers and employees.

Increase cost efficiency and transform care delivery

Enable your employees to deliver an improved care experience by giving them personalised access to everything they need in one easy to use mobile app. Staff will spend more time caring and less time on administrative tasks improving cost efficiency for your organisation as well as quality of life for those in your care.

Seamless integration with existing and new systems and tools

Connect all your existing and new systems and tools providing your users with single sign-on, centralized real time data flow and a seamless managed experience even when systems are upgraded or changed. You benefit from our existing integration with over 45 of the leading care software platforms.

Customise for a personalised care experience

The way your organisation delivers care is unique, so we’ve designed an app that can be customised to create a best practice care experience tailored to your needs. One app, across all your service operations, that dynamically configures content, based on who the user is and the type of care they are receiving or delivering.

Multi Award winning aged care industry and disability care app

Chosen by the leading providers for its ease of use and effectiveness

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