Care Source

Care Source helps providers deal with the 2 critical frontline workforce issues of staff Quantity & Quality. Through proven tools we deliver enhanced capability for providers to source and screen frontline applicants. These tools are purpose built, cost effective, easy to implement and delivering significant improvements in frontline (care, clinical) recruitment and retention for providers –  be they small, medium or large.

Care Advantage:

Look beyond the resume to gain insight before you decide to hire, develop or promote.

Care Advantage is an online behavioural (psychometric) screening platform used to support selection and development decisions for frontline care and clinical roles. It is a proven and validated (with Australian norms) psychometric tool specifically built for frontline staff recruitment.

Care Advantage is being used extensively in the sector for front line recruitment with larger users individually screening over 1000 applicants/month. Including all roles that have contact with residents or clients, such as  PCW/AIN, home care staff, clinical roles, hotel services, cleaner’s admin etc.

“We are already seeing positive results at Presbyterian Aged Care, with data that shows significant improvements in staff retention rates and tenure, combined with anecdotal feedback from managers on the improved quality of applicants and new employees.”
Julie Shearman, Director People & Culture
Presbyterian Aged Care NSW/ACT

Providers report improved quality of care and engagement with clients & residents, better shortlists and subsequent on the job performance, longer tenure and significantly improved recruitment efficiency by using Care Advantage screening.  Because the screening is based on personality, not work experience, providers are able to identify hidden talent in their candidate pools. Many providers now move forward with applicants having no sector experience, based on their personality results. Options for candidate sourcing are significantly expanded.

Not only have we been impressed by the shortlisting capability of the platform and the time savings, we also noticed a higher level of quality of the candidates. We tripled our intake as compared to before using the assessments. It’s been really good. The platform itself is really easy to navigate and intuitive to use”.

Kristy Furchtenicht, Project Manager People & Culture
Mercy Community Services WA

The screening assists significantly with the compliance requirements under Standards 1,7 & 8.  Care Advantage users, have a clear process  that readily demonstrates a critical part of their approach to provide an effective and reliable workforce through:

  • Identification of “fit for purpose” employees suited to the sector (Quality of the Service)
  • Risk identification for applicants– specifically misconduct risk (Safety of the Service)

Care Advantage assessments are being used extensively within the sector to address workforce Performance and Misconduct risk and its impact of this risk on Compliance, Operational and Commercial outcomes.

I would definitely recommend the Care Advantage platform to everyone in the Care industry. As much as we like to think it’s our secret! It makes the hiring of new staff a whole lot easier in a challenging labour market.”
Brendan Hall, Group Head of Resourcing, Performance & Reward
IRT Group


Care Friends

Employee Referral schemes have been around for decades. Traditionally difficult to administer and challenging to maintain their momentum – keeping the scheme top of mind with staff. Additionally many of the rules and practices underpinning these schemes are self-defeating with poor or no feedback to employees referring and  a reward structure disconnected from the behaviours you want to encourage.

That is why the industry average is only around 7% of new starts come from a referral. We know it is possible to take this to well over 20% and here are some facts to support the decision to unlock this rich source of Care staff.

  • Employee Referrals are the undisputed #1 source of quality candidates in Care. Sector research in the UK identifies referrals are 3 times more productive at delivering superior performers than job boards

  • Referred employees stay on average 25% longer than other sources

  • Employees who refer staff at least 1 time are 16% less likely to resign that those who do not

  • Far less wasted effort with significantly reduced no-shows at interview and a 60% reduction in withdrawal after job acceptance.

  • Increases engagement and opportunity to reward your existing staff

Care Friends was jointly developed with Neil Eastwood - UK based author and internationally recognised advisor on recruitment and retention in social care. By rethinking the strategies supporting referral schemes and providing a dedicated, easy to use platform that eliminates the traditional roadblocks for staff and recruiters, Care Friends unlocks your best source of quality candidates who stay.

After local pilots ran in Aust in early 2020 the first Care Friends sourced employees started with ECH in Adelaide in late March.  Interest in referral is strong given the shrinking applicant pools being experienced around Australia now and for the foreseeable future.

“Both the uptake of our employees using the Care Friends app and the number of referrals we have received through it has really pleased us. The simplicity of the app makes referring easy for our staff, and the quality of candidates has clearly been better than those coming from jobs boards.”

ECH Human Resource Manager – Narelle Milne

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