Bank First

Bank First was born when a group of 48 educators came together with a shared belief.

They had grown disenchanted with the way many Australians were being treated by the big banks and wanted a financial institution that placed a value on what people did for the community – not simply by how much money they made.

So in 1972, they started their own financial institution - a mutual bank owned entirely by customers.
Founded on care and compassion, our first loan was to a single mother for a bond to acquire housing for herself and her two children.

After more than 4 decades of financially empowering educators to realise their dreams, we are still driven by the same founding values and focus on putting our customers first.

Formerly Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, we changed our name in December 2017, to one that reflects our mutual bank’s focus on putting our customers first.

As we are owned entirely by our customers, we exist to financially empower people to realise their dreams – not to make money for shareholders.

Since 1972 we have helped over 200,000 Australians with their banking needs; from managing their money and saving for a rainy day, right through to purchasing their first home and planning for retirement.

Driven by care and compassion, we are committed to providing a better banking experience to all the people and occupations that drive a better community.

From the products and services we offer, through to our dedicated customer service staff, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.

Our Promise:
At Bank First, we’re invested in you.

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