ACSA Consultancy


Maryam Khatri, Queensland


Maryam holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and a Master’s degree in Health Services Management which has equipped her with the necessary skill set to successfully understand and manage the critical aspects of the ever-changing dynamics of Health/ Community care services. 

Her special interest in the Australia's Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous population led her to do a research project on the importance of social determinants of Indigenous health and Indigenous rights for health and equity.

Over the last 10 years, Maryam has held various positions across the community and healthcare sector holding prime responsibility of development of services from business to consumer in line with the organizations strategic plan, create Service Model which is not only Compliant to Quality Care Standards – Quality framework but also offers innovation to increase efficiency.

Furthermore, Maryam has led various change management projects which involved understanding the service needs of the stakeholder, prioritise and plan to deliver accordingly, procure to fill any identified gaps and thus maintain the business by monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of services for our clients. Connect with Maryam on LinkedIn or email ACSA Consultancy