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Annastacia Wainaina, New South Wales


Annastacia Wainaina is the creator of the Freedom Fires. A step-by-step process designed to assist conscious leaders to look within, so that they can burn through the fear and the doubts that inhibit our ability to step into the greatest level of service possible for our lives.

Annastacia’s personal journey into freedom started on the endless plains of Kenya where, as a child, she would dream about all of the possibilities for her life. By the time she was a teenager her innate courage and curiosity eventually led her to spread her wings moving to Finland where she studied nursing.

Upon arriving in Sydney in 2007, Annastacia continued her career as a nurse before transitioning into aged care. Since then she has moved into a leadership role providing strategic support for managing aged care and hospitals. Annastacia is an experienced clinical consultant and coach focusing on optimising leadership capability to achieve great outcomes.

Today, alongside her career on the front lines of health, Annastacia is also a podcast host of Freedom Fire, and the author of Ignite - Blazing The Fires Inside of You. She is a professional speaker and a leadership strategist who is on a mission through her message to ignite new possibilities and to light a fire under purpose, passion in order enable humanity to reach a higher potential together. Connect with Annastacia on LinkedIn or email ACSA Consultancy