Workplace Cultural Awareness Training for the Aged Care Sector

Australia's older population is multicultural and linguistically diverse. Many older Australians were born overseas, have a parent who was born overseas, or speak a variety of languages.



01 Sep 2021

Every day our nurses, aged care workers, and volunteers make a positive difference in the lives of an increasingly diverse population of older Australians. To provide higher quality care, it is important to increase awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity[1]. Workplace cultural awareness starts with the knowledge that what might be effective in one culture, can be counterproductive in another.

How do you create culturally aware and inclusive workplaces?  Join our workshop to discuss the challenges and benefits of a multi-cultural workforce and learn practical strategies that create welcoming workplaces for all.

The Workplace Cultural Awareness Training for the Aged Care Sector, workshop is suitable for employees (in all job roles) and volunteers engaged in delivering aged care services and support to older Australians in residential and community care settings.

During the 90-minute workshop, you will learn practical skills, knowledge and tools to support and engage in effective relationships with new employees, workplace trainees and students from a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

Create a cohesive team and build opportunities to improve cross-cultural care for older people.

Disclaimer: This Workplace Cultural Awareness workshop is free to Tasmania Aged and Community Care providers (staff and volunteers) through funding by the Department of State Growth’s Training and Work Pathways Program funding.

A range of sessions are available:

September 8, 2021 - Register your place here

September 16, 2021 - Register your place here