Wellness and Reablement Volunteering Workshop

Volunteers play a key role in the delivery of quality and compassionate care for older people.

04 Sep 2019

ACSA is working across regional South Australia to help volunteer / lifestyle coordinators, volunteers and managers to adopt good practice in:

  • How volunteer services can support and lead to wellness outcomes for older people;

  • How aged care providers can capture and report on the information from volunteers’ interactions and conversations with older people; and

  • How to recruit, train and support volunteers to create wellness outcomes for older people.

ACSA is partnering Volunteering SA/NT and Helen Sanderson Associates to deliver five workshops.

The aim is to explore best practice by volunteers implementing wellness and reablement principles in core service delivery in aged care. We will also examine how the wellness and reablement principles link with the new Aged Care Quality Standards, the Charter of Aged Care Rights and the Aged Care Diversity Framework.

Dates below:

Wellness and reablement was introduced by the Commonwealth Government in 2015 as part of the aged care reforms. It is about doing with the older person, rather than doing for. Wellness and reablement principles are a key part of the core service delivery of Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers, but wellness and reablement principles can also be applied across residential care and retirement villages.

To register for a workshop, visit the ACSA Training and Professional Development site here.

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