WA Parliament passes historic voluntary assisted dying laws

On Tuesday evening 10 December, the WA Parliament legalised voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia.

11 Dec 2019

These laws give Western Australians who are terminally ill the right to end their suffering at a time of their choosing while ensuring that the necessary protections and approvals for these decisions are in place.

The final passage of the legislation followed a lengthy debate, with more than 180 hours in State Parliament spent debating the Bill - more than 76 in the Legislative Assembly and 105 in the Legislative Council.

Both houses of Parliament considered the Bill in detail, including each of the 184 clauses, and have agreed to 55 amendments to the Bill.

The laws will take effect following an 18-month implementation phase and formation of an implementation panel with the legislation set to be reviewed two years from commencement.

The implementation panel will oversee development of clinical guidance, medication protocols and training for participating health practitioners, as well as information for the community and health professionals.

ACSA will request the Government prepare collateral specifically for residential aged care providers.

WA is now only the second state in Australia to enact voluntary assisted dying laws, after Victoria commenced in June.

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