Partnering to support residential aged care providers to understand payment statements and supplements

Finance and admissions teams are required to have a solid understanding across over 30 supplements and subsidies in effect today, and have a range of processes in place, to manage the complexity of ‘grand-parented’ conditions, and the accompanying rules which may apply for different residents.

20 Sep 2021

ACSA Partner, Provider Assist has been providing the aged care industry with income, support and management solutions for eleven years, and will deliver a series of workshops from 5-7 October to assist residential providers navigate the complexity.

‘Understanding Your Payments and Supplements Series’, includes three workshops, which explore regulatory changes, and what this means for your residents and, importantly, how these changes impact your facility’s funding entitlement and payment state­ments.

Delivered by Mary Burak, a Provider Assist Funding Analyst, who has worked in the sector for over 8 years, including as a Team Leader for an aged care provider and as a RAD Recovery Coordinator, assisting facilities in amending agreements and recovering RADs due. Each role has contributed to Mary’s vast and specialist knowledge to assisting others to navigate in the complex world of funding and supplements.

Learning outcomes include:

  • An overview of the main changes to Aged Care Funding and what the differences between the systems mean for your financially disadvantaged residents.

  • The subsidies and supplements that can apply to different types of residents.

  • An introduction to Facility-level supplements and incentive targets that apply to Residential Aged Care Services.

  • The anatomy of the payment statement, in particular, how to get the information that you require from the payment statement quickly.


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