Supporting older Australians to maintain positive mental health

Positive mental health is essential for personal well-being, and is determined by a combination of psychological, biological and/or social and cultural factors. Maintaining positive mental health is essential for all older people, especially those that are ‘out of line of sight’ and may be receiving aged care services in their own homes.

28 Apr 2021

The Australian Government, Institute of Health and Welfare, recorded 950,000 Medicare-subsided mental health related services for people aged 65 and over in 2016-17. Good access to effective clinical and non-clinical services can assist older people with their mental health.[1]


ACSA in partnership with Mental Health & Well-Being Training Solutions have developed a series of non-clinical webinars focused specifically on the Mental Health of older people receiving Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services in their home. The webinars focus on raising awareness and providing education and training to increase understanding of the variety of Mental Health conditions being experienced by older people and the impact these conditions may have on care and service delivery in the older person’s home.


Delivered by Robyn Miller, who has over 15 years’ experience in the mental health sector and is an accredited Master Instructor with Mental Health First Aid Australia. Robyn is a passionate advocate for positive mental health and for recovery from mental illness. Her extensive experience spans government and non-government mental health sectors, and the TAFE sector.


Participants will be informed about how to support, respond and communicate with clients in distress. There will be opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss experiences through the Zoom ‘chat’ function.


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