Support at Home Alliance

At the Let it Shine CHSP Conference, Paul Sadler, ACSA CEO, yesterday announced ACSA is a founding member of a new Support at Home Alliance seeking to get the new Support at Home Program right, first time. 

25 Nov 2021

Other founding members include:

  • Community Transport Organisation (NSW)

  • Home Modifications Australia

  • Meals on Wheels Australia

  • NSW Neighbour Aid & Social Support Association

The Alliance is close to finalising a position paper titled Seamless Aged Care: Set up Support at Home Right, First Time.  The paper will outline a vision for the new Support at Home Program, principles to drive the program, a funding model (based on the casemix model being implemented in residential aged care) which will enable positive change while supporting key community-based infrastructure, and a series of characteristics which we believe will need to feature in the new program.

We have received input to the paper from ACSA’s Home and Community Care Advisory Committees at national and state level.

We anticipate the position paper will be finalised in early December.  We will be keen to get feedback from ACSA members once the paper is released.