Suitability testing on aged care services workforce hub

As part of the Aged Care Services Workforce Hub, ACSA has partnered with Care Advantage to offer Suitability Testing to job seekers who are applying to be on the Employment Register.

30 Apr 2020

Individuals looking for work have the option to undertake the Suitability Testing which focuses on their suitability for various job roles in the Aged Care Services Sector.


Those choosing to complete the questionnaire have the option of making the results available to Employers that have identified them, through their application to the Employment Register, as a potential employee.  Employers can only access reports if an applicant gives permission through their Employment Register Application. 

Those completing the test are able to download two free reports:

  • A Career Trait Profile Report: this report provides insight into their personality in a work environment, it also gives useful resume and interview tips.
  • A Suggested Interview Question Report: this report provides the job seeker with interview questions that they can ask the potential employer at their next job interview.  The suggested questions will help them find out if the job and the work environment is the ‘right fit’.


At no cost, organisations have the opportunity to access applicants within their region who have undertaken the psychometric testing to determine their suitability both for the Sector and the role(s) they are applying for.

The Suitability Testing is available on the Aged Care Services Workforce Hub for a variety of job roles and is a timely and efficient way for employers to access ‘right-fit’ employees.


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