Release of CHSP Unit Costing tool

ACSA has contributed to finalising the development of a CHSP Unit Costing tool by Carrie Hayter Consulting which has been released free of charge for use by CHSP providers.

09 Dec 2021

ACSA participated in a working group coordinated by Integrated Living involving Carrie Hayter Consulting, Paul Sadler Consulting, Stewart Brown and several CHSP providers and SSD officers.

The tool was developed to support CHSP providers understand the cost per unit of their service to enable them to consider their financial operations in the context of offers from the Department of Health for the extension of CHSP contracts for the 2022-23 financial year. This is particularly pertinent given the Department of Health has now determined national unit price ranges and providers may benefit from understanding their cost structures in order to engage with the Department. Further information about the Department’s appoach to national unit prices can be found here.

The Excel is easy-to-use and is accompanied by a workbook and how-to demonstration video.

The tool has now been released by Carrie Hayter Consulting free of charge and can be found here 

ACSA Consultancy is available to CHSP providers for tailored support as needed.