#ReadyToListen project and resources

The #ReadyToListen project “aims to build the skills and capacity of residential aged care service providers to better respond to – and prevent – sexual assault in residential aged care”.

16 Jun 2022

This project was funded by the Department of Health and is led by the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN), in partnership with Celebrate Ageing and the Older Women’s Network NSW.

Core to the project is a MAP (myths, facts and practical strategies) to support residential aged care service providers to improve their responses to – and prevent – sexual assault. The MAP “offers a suite of resources that can be localised to the context of each state/territory and the internal processes of each residential aged care service”. The MAP elements are as follows:

  1. Understanding sexual assault definitions and prevalence

  2. Determining sexual consent

  3. Assessing the indicators of sexual assault

  4. Identifying the impacts of sexual assault

  5. Complying with reporting requirements

  6. Providing immediate safety and support

  7. Practicing open disclosure

  8. Providing trauma informed aged care services

  9. Recognising and reducing resident vulnerability

  10. Protection, prevention and service improvement


The #ReadyToListen Map Guidelines include information on how to use the Guidelines to guide change, and provide summaries of each element plus myths, facts and practical strategies. Additional resources in relation to the MAP Elements are available here, with further resources in development.

Two webinars have also been held as part of this project:

  • Reasonable Grounds and Criminal Nature: seminar for residential aged care services (1 June 2022) – see here for more information and to view the webinar recording.

  • Preventing sexual assault of people with dementia in residential aged care: webinar for all (14 June 2022) – webinar recording coming soon, to be linked via the #ReadyToListen web page (see under ‘Events’).

For more information about the #ReadyToListen project, please see here.