Mental Health Support for Older Australians

The Aged Care Sector has welcomed the Australian Government’s $12.4 million investment in a Grief and Trauma Response Package to ensure support is available for those affected by COVID-19.

22 Oct 2020

The package comes in response to the mental health issues and challenges associated with COVID-19 including the emotional and psychological effects on people receiving Aged Care services, as well as those providing care to older Australians.

The current environment requires the development of new skills and knowledge to ensure your workforce can meet the specific mental health needs of older Australians. To provide effective support for older people in their care, it is critical for staff to have access to practical education and training on a variety of mental health conditions

With an urgent and growing need for better mental health awareness and support in Aged Care, ACSA in partnership with Mental Health & Well-being Training Solutions is offering a series of workshops focused on the mental health of older people in care, including those receiving Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services in their home.

Participants will learn how to support, respond and communicate with clients as well as some key strategies for managing their mental health. The workshops are suitable for CHSP team leaders, supervisors, coordinators and all Aged Care workers and volunteers. There will also be opportunities for participants to ask questions and discuss their experiences. 

All Aged Care workers are encouraged to register for the Mental Health Awareness & the Older Person series to learn more about effective support for your clients. CHSP workers are only required to pay a $20 booking fee.

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