Leadership Capability = Organisational Confidence

The successful delivery of aged and community services depends upon its greatest asset, people. Central to this is leadership. Across the sector, leaders contribute by developing and empowering themselves and others; making a difference where it counts for older Australians. Meanwhile, the context for aged care leaders is highly dynamic.

09 Dec 2020

ACSA recognises the fundamental importance of strong leadership in aged care. Leadership is critical in responding to crises such as COVID-19, it is a key success factor in meeting the requirements of the quality standards and driving person centred care, and aged care leaders need to be able to effectively navigate an increasingly complex future that will be shaped by the Aged Care Royal Commission and the post-COVID landscape. 

ACSA is excited to announce a variety of learning and development opportunities now available to members that build leadership capability in practical and accessible ways.


CILCA360 Leadership Capability Assessment

ACSA is a Licensee and has trained Accredited Practitioners for CILCA360(Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment). The CILCA360 and CILCA360(exec) are leadership assessment tools designed specifically for the care industry. CILCA360 has been designed for Frontline Leaders, while CILCA360(exec) is specifically suited for Board and Executive Leaders.

The CILCA360 and associated coaching support is the Care Industry’s only dedicated leadership assessment that measures a leader’s capability against the five leadership domains within the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework, as well as the Aged Care Quality Standards. It will also help to identify any issues relating to stress, wellbeing, conflict management etc. that can be more prevalent during these times. Importantly, this can all be facilitated online or in a face to face environment.

The delivery of each assessment is supported by the provision of a confidential debrief with an accredited practitioner, along with a 200+ page Self Development Guide, to assist leaders with their own development.

The executive leadership team of an Aged Care Provider will also be able to access aggregated and de-identified data from the CILCA360 Assessments. This aggregated data will provide a view of the overall capability of the leadership team within the organisation, thus identifying collective capability gaps that can then be targeted for development. This provides for a focussed approach to Learning & Development (L&D), that:

  • is aligned to both the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework; and,

  • will help to ensure that the return on the L&D investment is maximised.

For more information on CILCA360 contact

"It was an empowering process for Leaders where they were able to acknowledge and celebrate their wins, identify targeted opportunities for leadership professional development and measure change in leadership capability."

"I wish I had done this 6 months ago. I feel less overwhelmed, and can now see priorities to focus on to build a more effective team. It’s good to also recognise the things I am doing well; it gives me confidence to move forward."


Aged Care Leadership Development Series

The Aged Care Leadership Development Series has been designed to support frontline leaders to lead individuals and teams through effective communication and decision making; manage performance of workers and teams; and communicate and influence teams and workers to uphold quality service provision along with an inclusive and culturally respectful work culture.

The Leadership Series will be launched on Thursday 25 February 2020. For more information contact


ACSA Mentor Program

The ACSA mentor program supports the professional development and growth of Leaders in Aged Care and Home Care by sharing skills and knowledge and transferring learning from formal training to the workplace. It helps to build capability and confidence and provides a ‘safe space’, where mentee’s can reflect and gain independent, objective perspectives and assistance with problem solving. For more information contact


ACSA Micro-credential Leadership in a Crisis

We are thrilled to partner with PowerHouse Hub, a leading technology company specialising in workforce enablement and MEGT, Australia’s leading trainee and apprenticeship organisation in the development and delivery of a suite of micro-credentials recognised as cutting edge and contemporary in the delivery of training.

Leadership in a Crisis is one of four micro-credentials which draws on and expands the learnings of how strong leadership resulted in an effective response to COVID-19 outbreaks and the leadership skills that can be applied to any future crisis. Participants will receive a digital badge to be easily shared on professional profiles like Linkedin and can be hyperlinked to resumes as a verifiable source of truth of employee achievements.


Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

—Jack Welch


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