It's time to care about aged care

The “It’s time to care about aged care” campaign is up and running strongly, with national media coverage and a lot of interest from Federal politicians.

17 Feb 2021

Public awareness is critical to the success of this campaign. An extraordinarily high 600 newspaper, online and radio stories were generated nationwide from the release of the It’s Time to Care About Aged Care report.

Early indications are the media coverage has reached an accumulated audience of almost 20 million people, and is a strong driver in getting all Parliamentarians engaged with aged care at last. A front-page story in The Australian newspaper, and a supportive editorial, were particular highlights along with an interview with ABC Radio National’s Fran Kelly and widespread Aged Care Trade media coverage.

As a result, traffic to the website continues to grow. So far we are recording more than 1,000 signatures a day on the online petition, demonstrating strong support for our campaign. Anyone who believes the aged care system needs to be completely overhauled are urged to sign the petition.

The Australian Aged Care Collaboration campaign launched on Monday and has made a strong start with positive and constructive meetings in Canberra with various Government Ministers and Opposition Shadow Ministers and their advisers.

Meetings at Parliament House were also held with a number of MPs identified in the report who are committed to achieving lasting reform.  

The best way to help the campaign is to sign the petition on the website and like and share content on the campaign facebook page and twitter feed.

We hope that you will join us in this very important campaign!