Home Care Payment Changes

ACSA is meeting regularly with Services Australia and the Department of Health to discuss issues arising from the new home care payment arrangements. 

14 Oct 2021

Of particular interest from the meeting earlier this week:

  1. There has been a lower level of claiming than normal for this stage; which is probably not surprising given the extent of the changes and because some software vendors may not have finalised all the necessary updates.
  2. There has been a delay in finalising claims as Services Australia is undertaking more quality assurance than normal.  Around 1/3 of claims submitted had been processed.  Services Australia is hoping to catch-up by this Friday and is working with providers to resolve issues.
  3. In building the IT system, it was assumed that the maximum amount of unspent funds for a care recipient would be no more than $99,999.  So far, Services Australia has seen 10 care recipients with unspent funds more than that.  As a result, this limit will be increased in the next IT release which will be in late October.  In the meantime, Services Australia is working with providers with care recipients with this level of unspent funds.
  4. There appears to be a higher number of providers opting-in to return unspent funds than what was expected.
  5. Services Australia and the Department of Health will provide more information about what providers should do when they need to refund money back to the Government including outside of the 70-day period after a care recipient has departed (e.g. if they had incorrectly claimed a higher invoice amount).
  6. In order to use unspent funds, some providers have incorrectly put in $0 as the amount of care and services delivered in September rather than putting in the value of the care and services delivered and opting-in to return unspent funds.  Services Australia is working with these providers.
  7. The Department of Health will be writing to all home care recipients about the changed payment arrangements.  The letter is expected to be sent in late October and will include a copy of the care recipient fact sheet.
  8. The Department of Health expects the care recipient monthly statement template to be made available later this year.  The Department acknowledged there has been delays with this work.

For further information see the Services Australia website and the Department of Health’s website.  The Department:

  • Has released a subsidy estimator and unspent funds examples (here).

  • Has updated the home care manual for providers (here) and the home care manual for consumers (here) to incorporate the changed payment arrangements.

  • Is preparing a factsheet for self-managed care recipients.

Questions about the new arrangements can be sent to the Department of Health at or to ACSA by calling 1300 877 855 or emailing