Home Care Packages Program Manuals Released

The Department of Health has released two Home Care Packages Program manuals, one for home care providers and another for consumers.

11 Mar 2020

ACSA has lobbied for the return of a manual to provide a ready resource for home care providers. The manual for consumers is a new addition.


The Manuals have been developed through consultation with ACSA and other peaks, a range of home care providers, consumers and carers.


Both Manuals introduce an Inclusions and Exclusions Framework to support home care providers to work in partnership with consumers to decide if a type of care or service is appropriate to meet their aged care needs.


The Manuals reflect a particular point in time. Given the ongoing reforms across aged care, the Department will undertake regular reviews to maintain their currency. The first review will commence in July 2020.


You can access the home care provider manual at this link and the consumer manual at this link.


Additional information on the Home Care Packages Program is available on the Department’s website.


Download print-friendly version