Guiding Principles Support Hub Launched

ACSA and LASA have responded to the current COVID-19 situation in metro Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire with a shared initiative to support their members and direct the multitude of member questions, concerns and ER / IR queries onto one consolidated resource platform – The Guiding Principles Support Hub.

04 Aug 2020

The Support Hub has been designed to support workers and providers in following and implementing key Guiding Principles based on Minister Greg Hunt’s 19 July announcement that State and Federal Government were introducing measures to reduce workforce sharing across aged care residential sites.

The Guiding Principles for Residential Aged Care, Victoria were created to support and inform providers and workers in the current COVID-19 hotspots and minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in aged care.

Also, the Principles ensure Victorian aged care workers are based with one residential aged care facility only during this high-risk period to reduce the risk of aged care workers unintentionally transmitting COVID-19 by working across multiple sites.

The Principles are currently in place for eight weeks, commencing on Monday 27 July to Friday 25 September. This timeline may be extended if required.  The initiative has been implemented across Melbourne metro and Mitchell Shire and may be adapted across Victoria, or nationally, at a later date.

The Support Hub has been welcomed by the Aged Care sector, stakeholders and government. The Principles and the Support Hub have been viewed as a proactive collaboration between two peak bodies, Aged Care Services Australia (ACSA) and Leading Aged Care Services Australia (LASA).


The Support Hub is easy to navigate and resource tools including a comprehensive FAQ section and Support and Resource sections will continue to evolve as peak bodies, government departments and industry specialists continue to contribute and expand on the current situation and pandemic.  The Hub resource provides access to specialist ER/IR advice, clinical support and guidance services and practical resources for all providers in the sector.

The Support Hub was developed by an Advisory Committee, led by Peak Bodies and includes representatives from Government, Unions, AQSC, and other sector representatives.  Also, the Support Hub promotes regional and state collaboration to facilitate access to resources, expertise and intelligence for smaller providers who may require support to adapt to the new scheme, such as new payroll and other HR processes.

To access the Support Hub, please visit

Support Hub Hotline: 1800 491 793, available 8.30am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday.


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