Growing and Sustaining the Workforce in 2021

The demand for aged care services is set to increase substantially by 2050, and as more older Australians will need care, ACSA is supporting the aged care workforce to grow and adapt.

28 Jan 2021

ACSA-Sector.pngWe are building the capacity and capability of the workforce through ACSA’s Workforce and Industry Development strategies that are centred on attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining employees who are the ‘right-fit’ for the sector.

2021 will see a range of initiatives, events and programs implemented across Australia to support organisations and the sector to have the ‘right-fit’ people in the right roles at the right time.

ACSA is continuing to address key workforce issues and develop a workforce that meets the care needs of older Australians. 

To discuss how ACSA’s Workforce and Industry Development Unit can work with you to achieve your workforce goals, please contact

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