Growing a quality workforce

It is vital that we attract and identify people who are the ‘right-fit’ for the sector to grow a quality workforce. 

10 Feb 2021

ACSA’s Employment Information Sessions support aged care organisations and the sector with a focus on finding the ‘right-fit’ people with the right skills and knowledge. 

The aim of the information sessions is to provide useful and relevant information to those interested in working in aged care.  Participants find out about the variety of job roles available, the required qualities and attributes, working conditions and employment arrangements.

Attendees also hear from those currently working in the sector including their personal insights on the challenging and rewarding aspects of their role. Registered Training Organisations provide information and advice on training requirements and pathways. This information assists people in their decision-making process as they consider a career in the sector.

At the conclusion of the event, participants can register their interest in working in the sector by completing an application for the Employment Register, where aged care providers can source new employees. 

For more information on Employment Information Sessions or the Employment Register, please see here

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