Growing a Quality Workforce

In order to grow a quality workforce, it is vital that we attract and identify people who are the ‘right-fit’ for the sector and who also determine that the sector is the ‘right-fit’ for them.

11 Mar 2020

Around 300 people attended ACSA’s Employment Information Sessions held recently in Queensland and Tasmania, providing them with the opportunity to find out more about a career in the Aged Care Services Sector.


The Employment Information Sessions focus on providing potential employees with the information required to make an informed decision on whether they are ‘right fit’ for the sector and if the sector is ‘right fit’ for them. The sessions provide information about the variety of job roles available, the required qualities and attributes, working conditions and employment arrangements.


During these sessions those currently working in the sector provide their personal insights on both the challenging and rewarding aspects of their role and why they are passionate about what they do. Registered Training Organisations provide information and advice on training requirements and pathways.


At the conclusion of the event, participants can register their interest in working in the sector by completing an application for the Employment Register, for job opportunities as carers/support workers, cleaning personnel and kitchen workers. Aged Care Service organisations and Registered Training organisations can then access the Employment Register to source potential new employees or people wishing to take part in training programs.


If you would like more information on ACSA’s Employment Information Sessions or the Employment Register, click here




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