DHS/Health/DVA Aged Care Peaks teleconference

On Wednesday 12 July 2017, ACSA participated in the Aged Care Peaks teleconference.

13 Jul 2017

Key points:

  1. Health noted the changes to My Aged Care following the accelerated joint design process including: privacy and consent changes; disclosure of information to health professionals; the My Aged Care quarterly IT release on 24 July 2017 which will include changes to the assessor app and the assessor portal view.
  2. Health noted that the prioritisation process for home care packages should not be undermined by excessive requests for priority levels to be increased to high.
  3. Health is developing fact sheets about unspent home care funds - for release in the coming weeks.
  4. DVA is preparing a communication about means testing arrangements for veterans.
  5. DVA advised that aged care providers do not need to apply for the Veteran’s supplement as it is an automatic process.
  6. DHS noted that the number of complaints they are receiving has reduced but they are more complex.  DHS also noted that more payments are being made on time.  Peaks asked if DHS could provide more information about these indicators.
  7. DHS intends to continue with provider visits.  DHS is still intending to provide an individualised report to the providers they visited earlier this year as well as a summary of the visits for the Peaks – timeframe not given.
  8. The quarterly review will be done this weekend.
  9. DHS is looking at IT changes so that lifetime caps are implemented correctly.
  10. DHS is making systems changes so that over-occupied and retrospective issues are put in an error queue and don’t hold up processing of claims.
  11. Peaks raised concerns about issues with the interaction of My Aged Care and DHS payments systems as well as providers being shunted between the various call centres – a separate meeting is to be organised to discuss these issues.