Case Studies: Managing visitor access during COVID-19

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has released new COVID-19 resources to support aged care providers in managing visitor access during the pandemic.

11 Jan 2021

These case studies provide de-identified real-life examples of common resident complaints related to visitor access and resident restrictions, showing how these may be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of residents, families and services.

Case Study 1

Going for walks - An aged care service tells a resident he can't leave the grounds for his daily walk because of the risk of contact with COVID-19. Read more

Case Study 2

Visitors - An aged care service tells a resident's daughter its COVID-19 rules mean she can't visit more than three times a week. Read more

Case Study 3

Going to outside appointments - An aged care service tells a resident she will have to stay in her room for 14 days after going to a doctor's appointment in town. Read more

Case Study 4

End of Life - A resident's adult children want to visit for two hours every day in the final stage of her life but the aged care service only allows 45 minutes. Read more


For more information and resources to support you during COVID-19, visit the Commission’s website.


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