COVID-19 Vaccines - Is it true?

With the announcement of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for residential aged care employees, and home care workers also seeking to offer the best possible protections for those in their care, it's important to make sure your workforce is equipped with the facts around COVID-19 vaccines.

20 Jul 2021

ACSA continues to field a number of questions from members around vaccine hesitancy, and separating misinformation from the facts.

With frequent new vaccine developments and a range of information available from many different sources, it's normal for people to have questions or concerns, and possibly feel unsure about being vaccinated.

To support you, your staff, colleagues, and your residents and families to make an informed decision, it's important you are accessing accurate, evidence-based information from a trusted source, such as the Department of Health.

COVID-19 vaccines - Is it true? provides clear information addressing common questions and concerns, and separating misinformation from the facts. This resource includes evidence-based responses to a broad range of common questions.

These questions and answers from the Department of Health are available in 63 languages.

The Department of Home Affairs website also features Misinformation and truths about Coronavirus (COVID-19) addressing common misconceptions and misunderstandings around vaccines.

An Australian Government fact sheet is also available on misinformation and truths around COVID-19 vaccines.