Be Proactive with Your 2021 Workforce

2020 has been a challenging year for the aged care sector and as 2021 approaches it is critical for providers to identify opportunities to attract, recruit and retain their workforce. 

16 Dec 2020

Now is the time for employers to recruit ‘right-fit’ people as many job seekers look for a fresh start in the New Year. Having the right team members is essential to your ability to deliver the very best care.

ACSA is supporting the sector to meet workforce capacity and capability requirements with The Aged Care Services Workforce Hub  - the first free online hub specifically designed for the Aged Care Services Sector that helps you find employees. This initiative has been developed to provide you with access to a pool of ‘right-fit’ employees in your region, at no cost. 

You will have access to potential employees who are interested in working in the sector, and be able to access applicants who have completed Suitability/Psychometric Testing.  

We encourage you to utilise this opportunity here so you can adapt your workforce and be prepared for 2021.

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