Aged care reforms: First Nations, Dementia and CALD groups

This week, the Department of Health held further webinars on how aged care reforms will improve care for key groups receiving and providing services.

20 Jul 2021

For those unable to attend these webinars, recordings are now available online.


Improving outcomes for First Nations describes initiatives to enhance the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care workforce, involve First Nations people in designing their services and care and ensure services and care are available to First Nations people no matter where they live.


A focus on dementia in aged care describes Australian Government investment to ensure people living with dementia are connected with the support they need post-diagnosis, enabled to remain in their home for longer, able to access high quality, dementia informed aged care services. It also covered how Aged Care reforms will deliver increased training and support for aged care workers to help them in adopting better dementia care practices.


Improving outcomes for people in aged care from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds include changes and initiatives to improve access to and quality of aged care delivered to people from CALD backgrounds and within CALD communities. This includes enhancing the way the workforce provides services to people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, improving access to information for older Australians and their families and carers who speak a language other than English, and improving access to services and advocacy for older Australians from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.  


All webinars included an engagement opportunity and discussion of feedback received.


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