Abel Tasman's busy bees are at it again!

ATV-LOGO.jpgRecently ACSA member Abel Tasman Village (NSW) had some very special visitors: 40,000 honeybees! 

Here is their extraordinary story, as shared by General Manager Glenn Kirkman.

24 Jan 2020


Located in the eave of our main building these wonderful honey producers provided us with a dilemma...what should we do?

Luckily for us, we had a connection to Andy Ward ('the Bee Whisperer') who has been keenly involved with bees since the age of 17 when he regularly visited a mate's farm in Bathurst NSW. Andy is a wealth of knowledge (did you know that bees were a major contributor to the success of the colony back in the early years... crops failed in part due to not being pollinated). 

Despite some trepidation, our Maintenance rock star Jeremy Edwards and General Manager Glenn Kirkman decided that this was a gift too good to pass up and so, donning bee suits and nervously following Andy's directions, we spent a quiet sunny Saturday afternoon relocating the hive supported by a group of residents, family members and kids.   

For those unfamiliar with beehives, this is a most spiritual event - we found it almost meditative.  The bees are perfect in every way... they produce a perfect hive that is clean and produce the most delicious honey. 

Here at ATV we wanted to do something special with our hive and so we have processed it and will shortly be raffling off a 1kg jar of pure raw honey, with all money raised being donated to the bushfire appeal.  Smaller jars of honey will also be sold, and again all proceeds will go to the bushfire appeal. 

We are in the final stages of processing our raw honey and once bottled, we will forward the details through to ACSA so that anyone interested in purchasing some honey can do so.

Perhaps the most significant part of the story so far is what will happen to the hive.  ATV is very keen to manage the hive however there is some apprehension about co-locating it within a residential aged care facility. 

Through Andy we are now in touch with Pastor Ric Burrell who is doing wonderful humanitarian work in Cambodia.  This is a story in itself; through fundraising initiatives such as honey production, Pastor Ric is able to support worldwide programs helping others – in particular vulnerable girls and families – in Cambodia. 

ATV is very excited to set up and donate a hive to Pastor Ric, which will be located in Penrith.  We intend to run a men's group activity where we will actively manage the hive and sell the honey produced to support his overseas program. 

We are all looking forward to many years of fresh honey!


If you have any interest in the Abel Tasman Village bee project, fundraising or purchasing fresh organic honey, feel free to contact:  Glenn Kirkman, General Manager - gen.mgr@abeltasman.com.au or (02) 9645 3388.


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