Accord Workforce Initiative

ACSA’s Accord Workforce Initiative in WA, NT, NSW, QLD and SA is targeting the remote and very remote Aged Care Services workforce and bringing together stakeholders from our most disadvantaged and isolated communities.

25 Nov 2019

The focus of the Accord Workforce Initiative is to support organisations in regional, remote and very remote areas to be proactive in addressing workforce issues. To facilitate this process, ACSA has Workforce and Industry Development officers on the ground in WA, SA, QLD, NSW & NT - whose prime focus is the Accord Workforce Initiative. 

ACSA's Workforce & Industry Development Unit will be delivering a workforce project in Townsville and Mount Isa after a successful Regional Employment Trial application. 

The project will support local employment outcomes for unemployed people and at the same time build the capacity and capability of the Aged Care Services sector to meet the significant workforce challenges and demand for workers, currently being faced by service providers in the region.

As part of the project in the Northern Territory, ACSA recently hosted a Regional Workforce Forum in Katherine which was well attended by a diverse group of representatives across our key stakeholder cohort. All participants came together to identify the workforce challenges they are currently experiencing and to discuss potential solutions to address these.

Other Regional Workforce Forums have also taken place in Broome and in Bunbury with strong collaboration and participation from stakeholders.

The forums have given aged care service providers, training organisations and employment services the opportunity to identify the regional workforce issues as well as contribute to workforce priorities.

ACSA’s Workforce and Industry Development team will continue to work on a regional remote level with additional Regional Workforce Forums scheduled to be held in SA in December.

For further information on the Accord Workforce Initiative, please contact Lee Veitch - ACSA Workforce & Industry Development Manager:

P: (03) 6105 0246 or 0409 415 923 or

wid-accord-workforce1.pngAttendees at the Regional Workforce Forum in Katherine discussing their workforce challenges and potential solutions