ACSA launches Regional, Rural and Remote Hub

The Regional, Rural and Remote (RRR) Aged Service Workforce Hub was launched on Wednesday 2 December during ACSA’s Regional, Rural and Remote Providers Online Seminar.

16 Dec 2020

The RRR Hub is an industry-driven online resource, which supports both new and existing health care and aged care workers, delivering services in regional, rural and remote locations challenged by isolation, reduced populations and continuity of care.

The RRR Workforce Hub provides:

  • a conduit to existing national resources through one channel

  • practical information and support to help new employees adjust

  • linkages to online training and events

  • access to workforce development programs that build workforce capacity

  • pathways to job seekers and advertised shared vacancies across organisations

  • real life ‘good practice’ examples that can be modified for ‘place-based’ solutions

  • opportunities for network-building and sharing of expertise and knowledge

By sharing evidence-based approaches in addressing workforce solutions, organisations can modify and contextualise strategies, paying respect to unique cultural requirements and diverse communities, while responding to the needs of people living in regional, rural and remote settings.

If you have resources that you would like to share and /or have a workforce story to showcase, contact:

See more here: RRR Workforce Hub

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