ACSA Member Support Platform - available now!

ACSA is excited to launch our new ACSA Member Support Platform!  This is where you will find a number of tools to support implementing and reviewing your organisation’s quality practices.  And the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE for ACSA members.

08 Sep 2020

The ACSA Member Support Platform provides you with access to COVID-19 preparedness assistance, along with self-assessment tools relating to the Aged Care Diversity Framework.  There are a range of other free resources available in the Reading Room, and you also get to experience a sample of what is available on the ACSA Quality Portal.

The ACSA Quality Portal was launched in 2019 and goes the extra mile to guide aged care providers with standards compliance management, reporting, business risk management and quality improvement.

Hosting hundreds of resources, best-practice policy templates, proformas, evidence guides and interactive self-assessments, the Quality Portal sets the standard for compliance management.

Click here to register for the FREE ACSA Member Support Platform.  You can also view a copy of the webinar recording “Are you COVID-19 prepared – testing your Outbreak Management plans” here, which provides a demonstration of using the COVID-19 preparedness tools.

Please note, if you are a registered user of the ACSA Quality Portal, you already have access to the free tools contained in the ACSA Member Support Platform.

To find out more about the ACSA Quality Portal and how users can save up to 80% of the time they spend on quality improvement and compliance reporting, check out our website here.


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