ACSA Leadership Development Program - Module 1, Leading with Style

ACSA launches its Leadership Development Program by exploring human personality and behavioural patterns in Module 1 – Leading with Style - commencing June 8.

02 Jun 2021

Leadership is a fluid practice and knowing what style to leverage for each situation requires practice and adaptation. Skilled leaders are able to quickly determine the approach that will result in the outcomes they seek, with maximum engagement and commitment and minimum avoidance and resistance. They develop their own ‘brand’ of leadership contextualised for the complex sector in which they operate and the unique pressures of aged care sector policy reform, regulation and compliance. It is no small ask.

Leading with Style is less about identifying which of seven types of leadership - autocratic, authoritative, pace-setting, democratic, coaching, affiliative and laissez-faire – best resembles your approach and more about understanding self and others. Participants will be introduced to a simple framework for human personality and behavioural patterns that will enable them to play to their strengths as well as adapt and stretch with other styles.

Learn how effective leaders regularly adjust, manage up and sideways more effectively, how to direct their teams and improve ways to address the needs of their clients, older Australians.

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You can find out more about the complete program here or view the program here.