ACSA & AICD Event: Aged Care Governance - The State of Play

ACSA teamed with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) on Wednesday 21 April, to host a luncheon event in Melbourne focussing on aged care governance.

22 Apr 2021

We were pleased to welcome more than 160 people who attended in person, with hundreds more participating via livestream.

ACSA CEO, Patricia Sparrow, gave an opening address discussing the Royal Commission's final report and its impact for boards.

The panel with Mike Baird, CEO Hammondcare, Dr Julie Caldicott, Chair BlueCross Aged Care, and Liesel Wett, Chair Goodwin Aged Care Services, then held a broad-ranging and insightful discussion on the challenges of governance for aged care boards.

Some of the themes discussed by the panellists included:

  • Boards need to be across the clinical side of care, as well as business and finances; ensure you have systems, staff and metrics for monitoring clinical care in place.

  • Being a truly person-centred organisation requires the input of the consumer voice. Visiting facilities to talk to residents and families, or providing opportunities for them to talk with your board is imperative.

  • Aged care wages are fundamentally not where they need to be. Wages reform is urgently needed if we are to retain and grow our workforce and concerns were raised that the Government’s response may be to pass this issue across to Fair Work Australia for determination.

  • The burden of transforamtional change may weigh heavily on smaller and independent providers and may see some exiting from the sector and amalgamations increasing.

It was tremendous for members to be able to meet again in person to discuss the topical issues in aged care. We surely hope that this event marks the beginning of a return to normal events.

Thank you to all who participated in this event, particularly our panellists, partners, those who attended in person and those who joined the livestream.






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