A Shining Example of a Right-Fit Employee

ACSA’s Workforce initiatives and programs support the sector with a focus on finding the ‘right-fit’ people with the right skills and knowledge.  It is vital that we identify people who are the ‘right fit’ for the Aged Care Services Sector, to enable the delivery of quality services to older Australians.

12 Aug 2020

One outstanding example of a ‘right-fit’ worker who has demonstrated what it takes to succeed in the Aged Care Services Sector, is Krystle Cousens from Meercroft Care in Tasmania.


Krystle-Cousens.jpgAn Extended Care Assistant at Meercroft Care, Krystle has all the ‘right-fit’ attributes and qualities – she is kind, patient, honest, trustworthy and can think on her feet.


Taking every opportunity to develop with ACSA’s targeted workforce initiatives, Krystle has been able to upskill and grow her career through our programs. After working in hospitality for 7 years, Krystle felt she had more to give and was seeking more fulfilling employment.


In 2013, Krystle was accepted into a pre-employment program, ACSA’s New Directions. This program is based on the traineeship model with 6 weeks of full-time study. Upon leaving the classroom, Krystle gained employment at one of the local residential care facilities in North West Tasmania. 


On completion of ACSA’s New Directions Program and a successful probation period, Krystle gained full time hours as an ECA (extended care assistant). Krystle says “looking after the elderly is something I really enjoy. You build such a beautiful rapport with your residents and I believe they really are like a family.  You see them when they are happy, content, angry, sad, scared and lonely. It’s impossible to not build relationships with them.”


In 2018, Krystle applied for an opportunity to undergo the Certificate IV in Leisure and Lifestyle and completed this in 2019. Each fortnight she worked 5 days in Leisure and Lifestyle to help ensure the emotional, physical, spiritual and holistic needs of residents were met.  Krystle enjoys running group activities from games including balloon tennis, brain exercises, outings, walks, and music. 


After clearly demonstrating her continued development, Krystle was nominated by her organisation for ACSA’s Young Leaders Network in 2019.  As a young leader of the sector, Krystle is able to contribute to workforce initiatives and participate in activities that support her professional and personal growth. 


Krystle was recognised this year as a candidate for ACSA’s Enrolled Nursing Program. This is an opportunity for organisations to recognise and reward employees who have been identified as a ‘right fit’ candidate for the role of an Enrolled Nurse. 


“Hearing clients laugh and seeing their smiles, and knowing you have made a difference from the moment they move in to the moment they pass, is a honour in itself and you feel like you have really made a difference to people and their lives,” Krystle said.


Krystle is a shining example of how ACSA’s workforce initiatives and programs can attract, recruit develop and retain employees who are ‘right-fit’ for the sector.


We are supporting employees such as Krystle to grow and adapt, while developing the workforce of the future.


For more information on ACSA’s Workforce Initiatives and Programs, visit the Aged Care Services Workforce Hub or email  


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