Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) is the leading national peak body supporting not for profit, church and charitable providers of retirement living, community, home and residential care for more than 450,000 older Australians.

We are committed to being a strong and effective advocate with a persuasive national voice that leads the national aged care agenda.

We provide our members with support and services in the areas of legislative compliance, policy advice, work health and safety, industrial relations, aged care legislative review, training and personal development.

Our close relationship with our members, assures that we understand the unique challenges faced in the sector and that our focus remains on providing effective services to enable our members to meet these challenges.

ACSA has enormous strength through its numbers across Australia, and by the high regard in which it is held by communities and stakeholders.

Why join ACSA?

As a provider you are operating in a rapidly changing landscape and ACSA understands the need to support you during this time, whether that be through strong and effective advocacy or through training and information to help your business.

As an ACSA member you can be assured that your voice will be heard at the highest levels of government and that you have access to high quality support and linked with like-minded organisations that have similar purpose-driven missions.

We need to make government understand how important our aged services are to the very fabric of our communities and work with them to ensure sustainability, growth and quality services for all Australians. Above all, we need to hold true to our community benefit and charitable missions, creating options for people who lack choice, and filling gaps where there is market failure.

We need to focus on our priorities and drive those priorities home at every level of government, particularly the Commonwealth. The more we can speak with one voice, being true to our values and our communities, the stronger we can be in influencing government.