Financial crisis continues beyond Royal Commission in aged care

Release date: 19 Mar 2021

Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) says the latest financial analysis of the aged care sector from StewartBrown demonstrates the scale of the crisis the upcoming federal budget must respond to.

“This shocking financial update is unfortunately of no surprise to anyone. There are no hidden stories here: aged care is deep in the red,” ACSA CEO Patricia Sparrow said.

“There are only so many times we can put out statements saying the latest data is a wake-up call. 

“Keeping services local and open is important, particularly in rural and remote settings. Closures result in significant social dislocation for clients, residents and families. If lost, smaller local services are unlikely to be replaced. 

“This is an intractable and slow-moving train wreck that the government has so far refused to do anything serious about. Piecemeal reforms and funding don’t address the issues.

“If there is anything less than a total overhaul of aged care services and the way they are financed in Australia in this year’s budget it will be a failure. It will be older people who need quality care who will be disadvantaged. We shouldn’t allow that to happen.

“Providers are doing the best they can within a worsening financial situation. Providers want to be able to employ more staff and pay them better but can only do that if the underfunding, highlighted by the Royal Commission, is addressed.” Ms Sparrow said.


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As the peak body representing church, charitable and community-based organisations providing accommodation and care services to older people, people with a disability and their carers, ACSA can be contacted for comment on issues affecting the industry.

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